If you are looking for a friendly nursery, then Hoylake Parade is the place to come and see, where children learn and integrate naturally. With sandy beaches, squally showers and lots of fun and laughter by the sea.

We are fortunate to be right on the sea front of Hoylake promenade where flocks of Sanderlings are a daily sight wading at the sea edge. Our early years professional management team provide in-house training relating to current childcare and development. They are always happy to discuss any requirements you may have regarding our services. Parents / carers are welcome to drop in and contribute during all stages of their child's development. Come in and see us, we will make you more than welcome.


Continuity of care exists in our Kittiwake room for babies and toddlers. Individual needs and developmental stages supported. Daily routine including outings. Freedom to explore and grow individually. Range of sensory experiences.


Free places available. Focus is learning through play for our children aged 2-3 years. Language and communication skills encouraged. Developing mathematical concepts through sand and water activities. Cognitive development.


Free places available. Pre-school where children prepare for future school life. Progress recorded and mapped through Learning Journals. Parents/carers are welcome to share their experiences. Children encouraged to converse confidently. Independence, self-help skills expanded to give confidence in their own capabilities.


Dining experiences encourage self-help skills. Wholesome, home-cooked food is provided daily. Varieties of fruit and vegetables are provided during breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

Garden Area

Our secure, outdoor garden brings the learning process outside. Exploration of nature and seasons as they unfold. Freedom of space to challenge and investigate surroundings. Picnic and reading areas.

Baby Garden

Outdoor nurturing opportunity. Sensory herb garden. Freedom to crawl and explore.